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To order a taxi, look for the touchscreens in the arrivals hall. You can also buy tickets valid for one day abonament de o zi , costing 6 lei.

All forms of public transport in Bucharest are very cheap.

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Thats all very well if you are resident of Titan working at IMGB, but useless to almost everybody else. The city centre is poorly served by the metro and only the north-south M2 line, from Pipera to Berceni, which passes through Piatas Victoriei, Romana and Unirii, and the M1 branch to the Gara de Nord, are likely to be of any use to visitors.

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In our listings, all venues which are within walking distance of a metro station carry the M symbol. You can also buy tickets valid for one day abonament de o zicosting 6 lei. The metro runs from around to Opened in and recently extended, it is a spacious, efficient airport.

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After getting off the plane and easing your way through passport control, youll find yourself in the baggage reclaim area.

Ignore all of the services on offer here, especially the currency exchange desks. Instead, grab your luggage if it fails to arrive head for the small office on the right hand of side of the exitand head off through customs to the arrivals area.

Here there are loads of ATMs, a press shop and a small cafe.

We also explain a little about the background to the Romanian revolution, as well as the aftermath: The Mineriada of June Very well.

To the right is a passage leading to the departures terminal, lined with car hire desks and a few shops, including a chemist. To order a taxi, look for the touchscreens in the arrivals hall. They are fully automated and very easy to use and offer multiple-language optionsand you can choose a taxi from just about the full range of Bucharest taxi companies: all have their tariffs clearly displayed.

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Once the taxi company has informed you via a ticket which comes out of the machine how long the taxi will take to arrive, and what ID number the taxi has, you simply go outside to wait for it. Make sure you get into the correct taxi: check the company name and ID number is the same as on the ticket.

Ignore the Rapid taxis which wait on the lower level. For those who want to head into town in a bit more comfort than your average visitor, there are three good private car options: TransVision airport-transfer-bucharest.

Bucharest in Your Pocket

All three companies offer a comfortable, reliable airport transfer service at decent prices. You can also get to town by taking buswhich stops underneath the arrivals hall, in front of internal arrivals and leaves for the city centre stopping at Piata Victoriei, Piata Romana and Piata Universitatii every 30 minutes during the day, and then every 40 minutes throughout the night.

The full timetable of the bus is online at ratb. Another bus, speed ​​dating courtyard herefordruns from the airport to Gara de Nord from to roughly every 30 minutes. You need to purchase an Activ Card before boarding get it from the little booth which youll find on your right-hand side as you exit. A return journey into the city costs 7 lei no singles are available, but there is no time limit on using the return.

You also need to pay 3. The cards cannot be bought on board.


There is also a train which connects the airport to the main railway station, Gara de Nord. The train departs at irregular intervals, however, and to get speed ​​dating courtyard hereford the airports station you need to take a minibus. Tiickets are available from a counter in the Arrivals hall.

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Look out for the Bilete CFR sign. Most buses are overcrowded, however, and travelling on them can often be a less than pleasant experience.

Buses, trolleybuses and trams run from very early in the morning around to around earlier at weekendsafter which the night buses take over. The night bus network is extensive, and operates an hourly service throughout the night.

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All night buses depart from Piata Unirii. These cards cost 3. They need to be loaded with credit minimum 5 lei and are reusable. The card is then debited each time you validate it at one of the orange devices located on buses, trams and trolleybuses.

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One trip costs 1. On all forms of public transport in Bucharest children under the age of seven travel free. After that they need a full-price ticket.

Ступеньки оказались очень скользкими, влажными из-за конденсации пара. Она присела на решетчатой площадке.

It is OK, but has the usual collection of rogues, tramps and thieves to contend with. It even now has free Wifi.

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To get to town take an honest taxi from the official taxi station outside 22 de ani datând kit de început de 14 ani anyone who approaches you inside the station. Currently, only taxis from two reliable Bucharest companies, Meridian and Pelican, are allowed to pick up fares here.

If no taxi is waiting, use one of the two touch screens to order one. You can also viteză dating berlin kreuzberg on the metro: you are just one stop away from Piata Victoriei, or take the bus: No.

Tram 44 goes to Cismigiu. Tickets in the form of a Card Activ from the kiosk next to the bus stop itself next to the taxi rank.

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Anyone who approaches you and if you have just got off the Budapest train and have a backpack, you will be approached is trying to scam you: they will try and divert you from your intended destination often by saying that the place you want to go to is closed towards another hostel or hotel that they will recommend to you.

Just ignore anything they say and wave them away.

Identităţile Chişinăului. Materialele Conferinţei , 12-13 Septembrie 2011, Chişinău

Having said that, many long years of upgrade work on the Bucharest - Brasov and Bucharest - Constanta routes are now complete, and journey times are back to something approaching levels: around two hours and 30 mins to Brasov, just under two hours to Constanta.

Should you have speed ​​dating courtyard hereford take a train, always try to get an InterCity IC or InterRegio IR as they are the fastest and usually have the most modern rolling stock. Regio R- trains are slow and often use much older rolling stock.

You will also see trains designated as ICN: these are InterCity trains which stop at more stations than usual. Prices on all types of train are relatively cheap, but are rising fast.

An InterCity adult single from Bucharest to Brasov costs To buy train tickets visit either the station, a CFR agency or buy online at bilete. Note that if buying online you need to do so at least 24 hours in advance. Tickets cannot be purchased on the train, though you can try bribing the guard. Many locals do this habitually. Open Closed Sat, Sun. Open -Sat - Closed Sun. Latest Bucharest events:.